Judy's Custom Theme Designed Birdhouses and Feeders
From start to finish, it takes me anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to create a hand-built /hand-painted birdhouse or feeder.
Possibly longer if my workshop is busy.

Our attention to detail and creativity is unmatched in the
outdoor theme designed birdhouse market!
Hand built from Western Red Cedar. Fully functional.
Designed in Themes for Outdoor Display.
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NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, birdhouses and feeders shown are
and serve as examples of what we can make for you!
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Deer Hunting Themed Cedar Birdhouse 

   This is a GREAT GIFT for the hunter in your life!!

Hand Built and stained Hunting Themed Birdhouse made from Western Red Cedar. Featuring a SCHLEICH buck!

Our Deer Hunting Birdhouse is hand-built,
stained in a walnut color, decorated
and then all items are
sealed with an outdoor spar urethane
to keep it weather resistant.

This hunting birdhouse features the beautiful buck made by Schleich, a German producer of handpainted toy figurines and accessories.

The company is headquartered in Germany and make very realistic animals and other toys.

Truly a one of a kind design!
Sign is a Christmas ornament that is covered
in spar urethane for weather resistance.


The two rifles going up the peak add a nice touch.
And the perch branch is petrified wood.
I only use high quality materials and decorations. The above picture shows the three-dimensional fishing cabins and my hand cut and painted trees.
The picture on the right shows the beautiful buck made by Schleich.
All of my items are firmly attached with pegs,nails and adhesives.


A beautiful and realistic looking cabin made of resin is added to finish off the side. There is a screw hidden among the "grass" and is one of two which holds the removable bottom in place. You'll notice I counter-sink the screws for a more finished and designer result.

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