Judy's Custom Theme Designed Birdhouses and Feeders
NOTE:  From start to finish, it takes me anywhere
from 3 to 6 weeks to create a hand-built /hand-painted
birdhouse or feeder.
Possibly longer if my workshop is busy.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How long does it take to build a custom themed birdhouse or feeder?

From start to finish, it takes me anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to
create a hand-built /hand-painted birdhouse or feeder.
Possibly longer if my workshop is busy. 

 Often,  I have orders lined up at least one to two months in advance

(especially during the holiday season),  so if you have a specific gift giving occasion

please keep that in mind so I can get you in my work queue.


How much will it cost to create my custom made birdhouse or feeder?

The prices will vary based on your particular options; if it's painted or stained, custom roof, custom sign, etc....

The average price for a birdhouse is $95. But as each house is so unique, 

prices can range from $80 to $100 depending on your choices.


The average price for a bird feeder is $65. But also, as each one can be customized to your desire, 

prices can range from $55 to $85; depending on paint or stain, custom signage and other details added.


*How big are your birdhouses?

Small        6" x 6" x 8"   (inside floor = 5.5" x 5.5")      Medium    7" x 7" x 9"  (inside floor = 6.5" x 6.5")


*How big are your bird feeders?

6" x 6" x 9"  and holds 4 Lbs of seed

*Considering these are hand cut and hand built wood products, all sizes are approximate.

How do your products hold up to the weather?

What makes mine better than most other THEMED birdhouse manufacturers???
Mine are Designed for OUTDOOR USE:
I use Western Red Cedar.  This wood is naturally insect resistant, can take hours of direct sunlight
and will remain strong and beautiful for years...unlike pine which can rot after just one year from rain and dampness.
I use High Quality Materials; most items are made for the outdoors
and all surfaces are coated with a high quality outdoor spar urethane or triple thick glaze.
Your new birdhouse comes ready to use out of the box as everything is protected from the elements.
And you keep it looking great with your yearly maintenance coat of spar urethane.
Each themed birdhouse comes with an INSTRUCTION CARD to help you keep your new birdhouse
in top condition year after year!



How are the birdhouses displayed?

My birdhouses come with the options of closed hoop hanger,

open hook hanger, rope, chain or a platform flange to be mounted on your pole.


How are the bird feeders displayed?

My feeders come with a chain hanger or you can simply attach it with a flange to a platform pole.

 What if I only want a basic birdhouse made and how much will it cost?

My BASIC non-THEMED BIRDHOUSE includes my hand-built Western Red Cedar Birdhouse
with a wooden dowel perch and designed in your choice of size, stain and hanging option.  $65


What about DELIVERY of In-Stock Products from your Catalog?

Catalog Products Shipping time: Generally, my in-stock products sold from my CATALOG

will ship and be received within one week. 


Please feel free to contact me if you have any other questions...

248-245-1653 or


A Wee Disclaimer...
I carefully pack each of my birdhouses for safe transport.
I'm sorry, but I cannot be held responsible for damage caused by the carrier. 
If concerned, I do offer shipping insurance.

Contact Us:     248-245-1653

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