Judy's Custom Theme Designed Birdhouses and Feeders
From start to finish, it takes me anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to create
a hand-built /hand-painted birdhouse or feeder.
Possibly longer if my workshop is busy.
Please DO NOT send me a deposit or payment for a custom birdhouse or feeder
until you have first discussed your order with me. 
Complete the order form and leave a phone number where I can contact you
to see if I can accept your order at this time.

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Bird Feeder

Pricing for my Custom Themed Birdhouses
generally range from $85 to $95 
(note: " House Divided " houses run $125.)
Due to the nature of custom design and the wide variety of materials used, I will provide you with a specific quote before proceeding.
Because each birdhouse weight will vary, your Shipping/Handling is determined after it is finished; but usually runs around $15.00.

Describe your theme choice (s) below.
(Remember, I can do multiple themes on one house or feeder!)
300 characters allowed.
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Where are you placing it?
How do you want to hang it?
Closed Loop Hanger
Open Hook Hanger
No Hook or Hanger
Rope Hanger
Pole Mount

How do you want the wood finished?

Natural Stain
Light Pine Stain
Medium Oak Stain
Cherry Stain
Dark Walnut Stain
Painted to match theme
Bird Feeder
 Holds 4 lbs of seed
6" x 6" x 8-1/2"
Sm .....6" x 6" x 8"
Medium.....7" x 7" x 9"
Some Suggested Add-Ons
Custom Sign..........$10
Limit to 3 to 4 words.
For example:  Judy's Birdie Paradise
Tennis Net.....Hand Made ...$10
Antenna Helmet Head.....$10
Spring for Helmet..... $1
2 Antenna Helmet Heads and 2 springs.....$20
(Will advise - Not all teams and themes are available)
Golf Grips.....$10 pr.
Hand Painted Co-ordinating Roof.....$10
Pole Mount Flange.....$15
Delivery Info
 Your delivery depends on the
theme chosen and my inventory on hand. 
Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks
up to 6 weeks for completion
and shipping.
I will be able to give you
a more accurate timeframe when we discuss your order.
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Which style best describes what you are looking for?

Whimsical/ Colorful/Fun/Cute
a combination of the two
Please type anything else you want me
to know in the space below.
logos/BirdieGolf.jpgClick submit button below to 
notify me of your custom order request. 
I will contact you within 24 hours to go over details.

You will receive a phone call to discuss your
order in detail and instructions for sending
a $25 Deposit to begin your Custom Made Birdhouse. 
(Please allow up to 24 hrs for order processing) 
Important note: 
As noted above, all custom orders
take a minimum of three weeks and,
depending on your choice of theme and shipping location
may be up to six weeks for delivery.

Thank you for your Order !

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Contact Us:     1-248-346-5472

Contact Us:     1-248-346-5472
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