Judy's Custom Theme Designed Birdhouses and Feeders
From start to finish, it takes me anywhere from 3 to 6 weeks to create a hand-built /hand-painted birdhouse or feeder.
Possibly longer if my workshop is busy.

Contact Us:     248-245-1653        forebirds@judyscreativeworks.com
Made in Michigan!   **********    Made in America!
About Me
A personal endeavor:

As a life-long Michigander with a 10 year career in technical sales, I now enjoy my retirement as a woodworker.
Throughout my life I've spent much of my spare time crafting all kinds of things.
So, with 30+ years of creativity behind me, I began my business of designing themed
outdoor fully functional birdhouses in 2009.  Since sales have been good; with over 400 now sold,
I decided to add custom cedar bird feeders to my product line in 2012 and custom signs in 2017.
I Want You to be HAPPY with your Custom BIRDHOUSE, FEEDER or SIGN!
I endeavor to produce the most perfect bird products
I can for our customers and won't settle until I feel it is.
This is why I offer an almost 100% risk-free guarantee on your Custom Order!
If you're not completely satisfied with your birdhouse just tell me so.
I'll cancel your order and you will owe me nothing more!
Just your $25 deposit will be kept to cover my time and materials.

How does this work???

When your custom birdhouse or feeder is ready to ship,

I'll call you with your balance with pics for your final approval. 

You view your finished order and if you don't like it...I will simply cancel your order.


"The joy which comes from creating something you truly can be proud of is wonderful.

Being able to sustain a business from your creation is a Blessing!" Author: Judy Kneale

Contact Us:     248-245-1653        forebirds@judyscreativeworks.com

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